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Preventive Dental Care

Maintain a Healthy Smile with Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Preventive dental care is the act of keeping your teeth and gums clean so that they will remain healthy and functional. The quality of your oral health impacts your overall health and well-being, so neglecting your teeth or being lazy about your dental care is unwise. Even when your teeth are in good condition, keeping up with the proper care and treatment of your smile will help you hold on to your natural teeth and beautiful smile for a very long time.

Preventive Dental Care Best Practices

Caring for your teeth and gums is a tandem exercise between patient and dentist. It’s your responsibility to clean your teeth every day, and it’s up to you to schedule and keep your bi-annual cleaning appointments and dental exams where a professional will tend to the well-being of your smile as well.

Keeping up with these best oral health practices mean you are less likely to develop cavities, gum disease, or other tooth or gum problems. You are also maintaining your oral health in the best way possible to avoid emergency trips to the dentist.

Special Considerations for Preventive Dental Care

Secondary problems can be caused by poor oral health, including inflammatory issues like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis, and respiratory disease.

Women who are pregnant are at greater risk for developing pregnancy-induced gingivitis. Their gums are more sensitive and bleed more easily, and this is a matter that should be brought to the attention of your dentist immediately, no matter how common it may be as a side effect of carrying a child. Premature birth and low birth weight have been linked to poor oral health in pregnant mothers, and it’s critical for mothers-to-be to be especially diligent about preventive dental care and maintain their regular visits to their dentist for cleanings and exams.

Visit Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez and Dr. Sharon Schmeiser in Miami, Florida, to learn more about preventive dental care and how keeping up with good oral health will benefit you, mouth and body.

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