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If you want to straighten your teeth quickly, and live in the Kendall area, call today for you complimentary consultation (786)250-4081 and schedule an appointment to discuss Fastbraces®. At Kendall Breeze Dental, we are using this innovative procedure to improve our patients’ smiles in a way that is incredibly fast and convenient..

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  • For people who have 
  • bad Bite (malocclusion)
  • crooked teeth
  • bone loss around teeth
  • Teeth out of position
  • none extraction of teeth 

The idea of straightening teeth often involves needing to go through a long process with braces. However, what if there was a solution that would allow you to rectify your malocclusion without having to struggle with braces for years? The reality is that modern technology has finally caught up with braces. Fastbraces® works just as well as the traditional form of braces, but in a way that allows your teeth to be straightened much more quickly. While this is a new and improved technology. This process has been effectively used in roughly 30 countries around the world. The difference between braces and Fastbraces® is that Fastbraces® get your teeth straight in a much quicker and shorter period of time, while braces can take years to make a difference. Therefore, as an adult, who wants to straighten your teeth, your best option is this new solution.


This improved technology allows you to straighten your teeth at our Kendall office without having to go through years of having metal in your mouth. With that in mind, is important to take a look at some of the differences between old traditional braces, and this new technology. The most significant difference is in the brackets that are boned to the surface of your teeth. With traditional braces, the brackets are square and teeth are moved in multiple stages. Depending on how many stages of movement the teeth need to go through, this treatment option can take years. Fastbraces® uses triangular brackets instead. In this way, the space in between each bracket is less which allows for the teeth to come together more quickly. Essentially, all of the stages of treatment are completed at one time, rather than more slowly and in stages. Our 33186 patients appreciate this aspect of the treatment. The other difference with the technology comes down to the wires that are used. In this case, square wire is used and this allows for there to be more flexibility. Instead of needing to have wires adjusted constantly, the flexibility of these wires make it possible for the movement of your teeth to become more fluid. As a result, we can upright the roots starting at the beginning stages of the procedure. On the other hand, with traditional braces there are multiple wires that are constantly being adjusted, which causes discomfort in the mouth.

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Even though Fastbraces® can straighten your teeth more quickly, the fact that the wires are more flexible makes the procedure incredibly comfortable. In fact, most of our patients are surprised by how much more comfortable they actually are. To discuss this in greater detail, call today and schedule an appointment with our 33186 dental office.


The most important difference between traditional braces and Fastbraces® is that traditional braces can take eighteen months to two years to work, while our solution can straighten your teeth in as little as a few weeks or a few months. As a result, Fastbraces® typically have a lower cost than traditional braces.

Benefits of Fastbraces® from a 33186 Dentist

  • The process is more comfortable than traditional metal braces
  • Your smile can be improved and teeth straightened, in a few weeks to several months
  • There are fewer appointments with our dental office which means that you can spend more time enjoying life
  • Fastbraces® are an affordable solution