Dental Implants

Restore Functionality and Get a Stunning Smile with Dental Implants, the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

If you are missing a tooth, you don’t have to live with a gap in your smile. The innovation of dental implants has given people with one or more missing teeth the opportunity to have a complete, beautiful smile. Dental implants can replace any tooth permanently and solidify the foundation of your smile.

What Is the Dental Implant Procedure?

The word “implant” can sound daunting, so it’s important that you understand exactly how the dental implant procedure works. There are two main components to a dental implant: The anchor is a small man-made root that takes the place of the missing tooth’s root and is implanted in the jawbone; and the custom-made tooth (or teeth) which is attached to the implant.

The implant is placed under the gum in the jawbone while you are under local anesthetic. You won’t feel like there’s something in your jaw when the anesthesia wears off. In some cases, the post that will hold the artificial tooth can be put in place at the time of surgery.

The majority of dental implant recipients have no trouble with their body rejecting the implant, but it’s important to allow several weeks to pass to ensure that the bone has adapted to the implant and that it is securely in place. Once it’s confirmed that your implant is in good form, the prosthetic tooth will be custom-created to match the rest of your smile and then secured to the implants.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Once your dental implants and the customized teeth are properly in place, your implants will serve as regular teeth and should be treated as such for purposes of brushing and flossing. Dental implants require no special maintenance and are meant to become a natural part of your smile so you can function normally and confidently without concerns about missing teeth.

That means you can eat what you want, say what you want, sing what you want, and smile all you want. With dental implants you have a complete smile again and don’t have to worry about missing teeth or holes in your grin.

How to Determine If You Are a Candidate for Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you can be considered for dental implants. Age is not a factor. Dental implants have been successfully placed in the mouths of young people and older adults, even those who are of an advanced age.

In order to qualify for dental implants, your dentist will first complete a thorough assessment which will include not only a review of your oral health history but your medical history. An exam, x-rays, impressions of the teeth and gums, and a 3D scan of your mouth will all be carried out in order to properly evaluate your jawbone, gum tissue, and spacing needs. If other restorative dentistry options are possible, these tooth replacement alternatives will also be presented to you for consideration, but dental implants are often chosen because they’re permanent, they work, and once they’re in place you forget they’re even there.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

As a restorative dentistry solution, dental implants are a popular choice particularly for people who want to avoid dentures and the responsibilities that come along with being a denture-wearer. Removable dentures are often uncomfortable, unnatural-looking, and unreliable. Adhesives may not work properly, and the dentures must be soaked and cleaned regularly to maintain their usefulness.

Poorly fitted dentures can slip within your mouth, causing mumbling or slurring. Dentures can also make chewing difficult. Dental implants are long-lasting and, most importantly, they are secure. As an alternative to dentures, dental implants can’t be beat functionally or aesthetically – they are the permanent alternative to dentures that look and work like your natural teeth. And you won’t have to worry about embarrassing denture slip-ups while eating or speaking – dental implants are secure and they allow you to eat as always and speak with greater confidence and articulation because you have a mouth full of strong, stable teeth.

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants cannot be overstated. Here are just some of the wonderful advantages you will discover as a recipient of dental implants:

  • Renewed confidence.

    When you’re feeling self-conscious about your smile because of missing teeth, you spend a lot of your time trying to hide your mouth or cover-up an imperfect grin. Dental implants give you a complete, natural-looking smile and restore your confidence in yourself and your appearance.

  • Restored function.

    With a full set of secure teeth that function just like natural teeth, you will be able to chew your food more thoroughly which will lead to better digestion. Dental implants also affect how you speak, and your diction will not be impacted by missing teeth.

  • Improved oral health.

    Dental implants do not require any sort of alterations to adjacent teeth, which means more of your natural teeth are left intact, thereby supporting your long-term oral health. Dental implants also allow for easier access between teeth, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene and reducing your susceptibility to gum disease or cavities.

  • Better overall health.

    Dental implants give you back a full menu of foods from which to choose – missing teeth or unreliable dentures may limit your ability to indulge in especially chewy or crunchy foods and you may find yourself sticking to softer and more starchy foods so as not to disturb any other loose teeth. You’ll have more enjoyable and varied meals, and your overall nutrition will improve when you have the opportunity to make good diet choices.

  • A more youthful appearance.

    Many cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures have the ability to make you look younger. When your jaw is not properly supported because some of your teeth are missing, your face can develop a sagging or hollow look that will age you. Dental implants replace those holes in your smile and enhance facial tissues to eliminate that sunken appearance.

  • Stronger adjacent teeth.

    When you have one missing tooth, you may be in danger of losing other teeth. Anytime the foundation of your smile is shaken, whether you’ve lost your teeth because of aging or accident or poor oral health care, the rest of your teeth can suffer. Dental implants help create a more secure smile so that your natural teeth are not in danger of shifting. And even if you’re missing just one tooth, a dental implants can serve as the solution to restore your smile without affecting adjacent teeth.

Dental implants are incredibly durable and, with good care, can last a lifetime. As a natural-looking permanent alternative to dentures, dental implants change lives in so many ways. Don’t continue to suffer with missing teeth. Even if you’re embarrassed by the condition of your smile, or if you think your only option is dentures, take the time to visit Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez and Dr. Sharon Schmeiser in Miami, Florida, to learn about the restorative dentistry options that are available to you. You can change your smile with one smart decision – learn more about dental implants and get a brand new smile started now.