Restorative Dentistry Solutions for a Broken Crown

Consider several restorative dentistry options to repair your broken crown.

restorative dentistry broken porcelain crownThere is nothing quite like a broken crown. One moment you’re enjoying a delicious meal, the next moment part of your crown is in your hand and you’re left with a jagged tooth in your mouth. Porcelain crowns are made to last a long time, but if you’ve had a crown for a decade or two, it’s possible for the crown to break, crack, or come off completely. There are several restorative dentistry solutions that can work for your crown repair.

A Dental Crown Emergency

The age of a crown isn’t always the root of the problem. There are, of course, other situations that can compromise the integrity of a crown, like an accident. And if you use your teeth to open packages or have the habit of gnawing on pens or ice, the crown can be damaged over time or with one poor decision. Regardless of how you get to the point of having a damaged crown, the question now is: How do you fix a broken crown? There are several options at your disposal, and your dentist will help you in making the best decision for your oral health.

The first option when you lose a crown is to make an emergency call to your dental office. The sooner you can have this problem taken care of, the better. Remember, you have a crown to begin with because the original tooth underneath was damaged or compromised in some way. And teeth sometimes have to be altered in shape and size in order for a crown to fit properly and look natural in your mouth. Long story short, you don’t want your crown-free tooth to be exposed for longer than necessary – not only does it look unattractive and work poorly, you leave yourself and your other teeth susceptible to further damage and bacteria.

Fixing a Broken Crown

Depending on the age of your crown and its condition, your dentist may be able to put the same crown back on. Perhaps there was a problem with the bonding that is to blame for it popping off. This is not a typical situation, however, so you are likely to be presented with some or all of the following restorative dentistry options as possibilities for repairing your crown problem:

  • Replacement crown: More than likely, your crown has run its course and needs to be completely replaced. Don’t worry about how long this is going to take. With dental innovations like CEREC, it’s possible for a new crown to be made in the dentist’s office while you wait. The crown-in-a-day will be customized so that its shape, size, and color blend perfectly with your natural smile.
  • Partial crown: Sometimes referred to as a partial crown, a dental onlay may be all your tooth needs to get it back in working condition. Layers of composite onlay are carefully applied over the top surface of your tooth and used to create new cusps for your tooth, building up the tooth until it looks natural and functions properly. An onlay strengthens the structure of your tooth and can last for decades.
  • Dental implant: If your crown has come off of your tooth, what remains underneath may be in less than stellar condition, particularly if you’re dealing with a very old crown. When age or decay compromises the health of the original tooth, it may be safer and healthier to pull the tooth and replace it with a dental implant The implant takes the place of your tooth’s root so that the jawbone continues to be stimulated, and the implant restores full functionality to your smile.

While you may not experience any pain with a broken crown, it is certainly an inconvenience. And though you may be able to deal with the unattractive nature of the broken tooth, not tending to the problem immediately leaves you open to greater oral health problems in the future. If you have lost or broken a dental crown, or if you have concerns about any of your existing restorative dentistry solutions, contact Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez and Dr. Sharon Schmeiser in Miami, Florida, to schedule your consultation.