Bleeding gums and Heart disease


Here at Kendall breeze dental we strive in making sure that our patient achieve complete oral health care. This is especially important when it comes to patient exam and making sure their gums are healthy and sound. Patient are usually unaware of having any gum issue and ignore critical signs like bleeding while brushing or even morning breath. When explained how serious this is and that they have periodontal disease they usually just associated it with their gums and nothing else. However, several studies have linked periodontal disease, which is a chronic bacterial infection of the gums, with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

In a recent review, conducted by the American heart association, of nine previous studies found that people with periodontal disease had a 19 percent increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, compared with people without periodontal disease.

The reason for the link is not clear. Research indicate that bacteria that causes inflammation in the gums can also travel through the blood stream or even into the digestive track, and cause inflation in other tissue in the body including the heart. This bacteria is intern a risk factor for heart disease. Evidence has shown how this bacteria from the mouth has found its way into the bloodstream, and contribute to plaque buildup in arteries.


This is why every patient with a medical condition should have a comprehensive dental exam, and if periodontal disease is present it should be communicated to their primary care physician and treated in order to prevent further complication of their medical condition. Also every patient that is diagnosed  with periodontal disease should received a complete assessment from their doctor in order to make sure further damage was not done due to the bacterial infection.